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Travel Trends

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Travel Trends is an annual publication which presents some of the key trends in overseas travel and tourism drawn from the findings of the International Passenger Survey (IPS). Analysis is based on completed visits (for any purpose) of less than 12 months’ duration by:
a) overseas residents to the UK, and
b) UK residents abroad

What is the International Passenger Survey?
The IPS is a continuous survey carried out by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the results of which are used by a number of government departments and organisations. The results are based on face-to-face interviews with a random sample of passengers as they enter or leave the UK by the principal air, sea and tunnel routes.

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Travel Trends 2022
Including CD-ROM of data.

Annual estimates of completed international visits to and from the UK and earnings and expenditure associated with these visits.

Travel and tourism statistics are usually based on the results of the International Passenger Survey (IPS), but the survey was suspended on 16 March 2020 because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. No IPS data were collected from this date until the survey restarted on 18 January 2021.

The data collected post-pandemic are not as complete as in other years and some tables have missing cells because of a limited number of visits to and from different countries.

Data collection was not restarted at the Eurotunnel vehicle terminal until July 2022.

Main points
  • Overseas residents made 31.2 million visits to the UK in 2022; this was higher than in 2021 (6.4 million) and can be attributed to the easing of coronavirus (COVID-19) travel restrictions towards the end of 2021.
  • Overseas residents spent £26.5 billion on their visits to the UK in 2022; this was an increase of £20.9 billion compared with visits in 2021.
  • UK residents made 71.0 million visits abroad in 2022, this compares with total visits of 19.1 million in 2021.
  • UK residents spent £58.5 billion on visits abroad in 2022; this was £43.0 billion more than in 2021.
  • The most frequent reason for visits was for holidays, both for UK residents visiting abroad and overseas residents visiting the UK; this has reverted to a more traditional reason after the coronavirus pandemic, when the most common reason for travel was to see friends and relatives.
Office for National Statistics (ONS)
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18 July 2023
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