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The 11th Edition of the European Pharmacopoeia is available in two editions:
The traditional print edition consists of three initial volumes (11.0) complemented by 8 non-cumulative supplements (11.1 - 11.8). The supplements must be used in conjunction with the initial (11.0) edition.
For the convenience of users, direct access to complementary information (Knowledge Database) is included for each monograph and general chapters through a data matrix code. The print version contains a subscription key (EPID code) that allows access to online archives.

Electronic version
Each individual use licence allow installation of the application to 1 computer and to 1 USB stick, for online or offline use, for easy access while on the move or in environments where the use of the book or the website would not be possible or would be impractical.
Completely cumulative versions, bilingual (English and French), with new features and direct access to complementary information (Knowledge Database).
Access to the Ph. Eur. Online website from all recent common operating systems (tablet and smartphone friendly).
Application fully compatible with recent Windows and Linux operating systems (Mac coming soon)