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Be in the know with PIO

About Public Information Online

Public Information Online is a comprehensive resource of government information from the United Kingdom.

You can easily cross search over 300,000 papers of the UK government, including the House of Commons, House of Lords, the parliamentary legislative process, Scottish Parliament, Scottish Government, Northern Ireland Assembly, Welsh Parliament and Key Non-Parliamentary Reports. Our database offers a wealth of content on topics such as

  • Brexit and the EU
  • Coronavirus
  • Economy, business and transport
  • Home affairs
  • Parliament and elections
  • Science, climate and technology
  • Social policy
  • World Affairs
  • the UK constitution and the structure of the government.

Whether you're interested in a historical Command Paper published in 1900 or want to follow the latest legislative developments in the House of Commons today such as the Online Safety Bill, is your go-to source.

Stay informed about government legislation, command papers, and parliamentary publications, all easily accessible online.

Free Trial

We are offering a free no obligation 14 day trial of Public Information Online. To request a trial email us at or visit

For pricing and more details about this new service from Dandy Booksellers please visit


  • Website updated on the same day - find out what is being debated in parliament today.
  • Multiple search options: Find documents by title, body text, category, paper number, corporate author, session, ISBN.
  • New Bill Tracking Feature linking all related material on a particular Bill together, follow the full legislative process, from a Public Bill being introduced in Parliament, debated in Hansard, to receiving Royal Assent. We make UK government legislation easy to track
  • PIO is simple to use, offers you UNLIMITED ACCESS and saves you money
  • Accessibility - PDF documents are all fully searchable and compatible with screen readers.
  • Subscribe to Public Information Online by parliamentary Session. Once you have purchased a Session's worth of publications it is yours for perpetuity.
  • PIO fully supports multi-user access both on and off site via IP address, username and password, Shibboleth or library card
  • Public Information Online is the complete solution for users needing to keep abreast of Parliamentary Papers

Keep Up to Date

Sign up for email alerts to be notified as soon as something is mentioned or a new publication has been added.
Create a customisable RSS feed and ensure you stay up to date with areas of interest.
New Bill Tracking feature can alert you each time a publication is issued relating to your chosen Bill as it progresses through Parliament.
Follow us on Twitter @DBooksellers for daily updates on parliamentary publications.

Hard Copy

If you are looking for a hard copy of any Official Document published on, from the Spring Budget, to the Government's Disability Action Plan, just head over to the PIO Shop.

Papers available include

Westminster Parliamentary Publications
  • House of Commons Papers
  • House of Commons Bills / Explanatory Notes
  • House of Lords Papers
  • House of Lords Bills / Explanatory Notes
  • Command Papers
  • Weekly Information Bulletin
  • House of Commons Daily Hansard
  • House of Lords Daily Hansard
  • Public Bill and Standing Committee Debates
  • Acts of Parliament with links to amending legislation
  • Local Acts
  • Church Measures
  • Votes and Proceedings
For a more detailed description of these publication types, see the UK Parliament Content section of Public Information Online.
Northern Ireland Assembly Publications
  • Northern Ireland Assembly Papers
  • Bills
  • Explanatory Financial Memorandums
  • Notices of Amendments
  • Marshalled Lists
  • Groupings
  • Committee Reports
  • Hansards
  • Written Answers
  • Register of Members Interests
  • Acts and Explanatory Notes
For a more detailed description of these publication types, see the Northern Ireland Assembly Content section of Public Information Online.
Scottish Parliamentary Publications
  • Scottish Parliament Papers
  • Bills and Explanatory Notes
  • Policy Memorandums
  • Marshalled Lists
  • Accompanying Documents
  • Delegated Powers Memorandums
  • Groupings
  • Financial Memorandums
  • Business Bulletins
  • Official Reports
  • Minutes of Proceedings
  • Written Answers
  • Committee Debates
  • Acts and Explanatory Notes
For a more detailed description of these publication types, see the Scottish Parliament Content section of Public Information Online.
Scottish Government Publications
  • Scottish Government Papers
  • People, Communities and Living
  • Agriculture
  • Arts, Heritage and Recreation
  • Education and Skills
  • Employment, Jobs and Careers
  • Energy and Fuel
  • Environment
  • Marine and Fisheries
  • Government, Politics & Public Administration
  • Health, Well-being and Care
  • Information and Communication
  • Science, Technology and Innovation
  • Business and Industry
  • Crime, Law, Justice and Rights
  • Care and Social Work
  • Economics and Finance
  • Transport and Infrastructure
  • Housing
  • Economy
  • Transport
  • Public Sector
  • Government
  • Statistics
  • Planning
  • Education & Training
  • Research
  • Law, Order and Public Safety
  • Health & Community Care
  • People & Society
  • Sport
  • General
  • Rural Development
  • Arts and Culture
For a more detailed description of these publication types, see the Scottish Government Content section of Public Information Online.
Welsh Parliament (Senedd) Publications
  • Acts
  • Explanatory Notes to Acts
  • Bills
  • Explanatory Memorandum to Bills
  • Notice of amendments
  • Marshalled list of amendments
  • Groupings of amendments
  • Committee Reports
For a more detailed description of these publication types, see the Welsh Parliament (Senedd) Content section of Public Information Online.
Key Non-Parliamentary Publications PIO's archive is constantly evolving, we add content as it is donated - please see a list of material available on PIO:
  • Army List 1969-2014
  • Air Force List 1970-2013
  • Annual Abstract of Statistics 1935-2018
  • British Imperial Calendar 1939-1973
  • Civil Service Yearbook 1974-2018 (access to the database to date)
  • HMSO Annual Catalogues - 1922-2015
  • International Agency Catalogues 1986-1999
  • Navy List 1974-2014
  • Regional Trends 1974 (No. 1) - 2011 (No. 43)
  • Social Trends 1970 (No. 1) - 2011 (No. 41)
  • United Kingdom Balance of Payments: Pink Book 2001-present
  • United Kingdom National Accounts: The Blue Book 2000-present
For a more detailed description of these publication types, see the Non Parliamentary Content section of Public Information Online.

Explore our content pages for full details of coverage

Pepper v Hart Research

Public Information Online's Pepper v Hart module also offers the ability to easily perform Pepper v Hart queries on the passage of a piece of legislation to produce a single, referenced document that can be presented in court.

The video below shows just how easy this can be, compared to the time-consuming task of manual research.