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1992-2022 30 Year Anniversary of Dandy

We have been supplying UK official information for 30 years. During this time there have been so many changes, we can remember back in the day, sorting 40 sets of House of Commons Papers, Bills, Lords Papers and Commands into numerical order for our library customers.

In 1996 UK official publications started going online, we continued to supply print, whereby we would download the pdfs and bind them up inhouse, we still do this today.

In 2006, libraries were starting to realise perhaps they could go e-only, so we decided to launch Public Information Online (PIO), it is a web-based archive of searchable Parliamentary and Official documents and is the only resource which will allow you to view so many Parliamentary publications in one place in portable document format (PDF). It contains publications from the Westminster Parliament, Scottish Parliament, Northern Ireland Assembly, Welsh Parliament (Senedd), Scottish Government and also non-Parliamentary material. Customers are now able to access a fully indexed, fully searchable database of UK parliamentary papers.

On this site we only sell our bestsellers in print, please browse our selection but remember we are able to source and supply any book in print worldwide, additionally we link to our PIO shop for all our official publications.