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Pharmacy and the US Health Care System

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Pharmacy and the US Health Care System
Pharmacy and the US Health Care System

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Pharmacy and the US Health Care System equips pharmacists for independent practice in today's unpredictable health care environment. This fourth edition offers a complete source of current information about the features of the US health care system including the personnel and institutions, as well as concise reports on trends, regulations, policy and finances.

Written and edited by a well-respected team of experts, this new edition has been fully revised and updated and now features new chapters including:
  • patient safety and pharmacovigilance
  • professionalism and ethics

The inclusion of case studies, sample test questions and learning objectives makes this an invaluable tool for students. Whether it is a course offering an introduction to the health care environment, or about managing and finance in the US health care delivery system, this is an essential textbook. It is also a helpful reference for practicing pharmacists and pharmacy organizations and societies. 
Michael Ira Smith, Albert I. Wertheimer and Jack E. Fincham (eds)
Published by
Pharmaceutical Press
Publication Date
April 2013
Fourth edition
480 pages
156 x 234 mm

  1. Health and Health Care in the United States
  2. Financing US Health Care
  3. Managed Care Pharmacy
  4. The Health Professions
  5. Pharmacists and US Health Care
  6. Pharmacy Organizations
  7. Emerging Roles
  8. Political Realities of Pharmacy
  9. Hospital and Health Care Institutions
  10. Pharmacist Role in Long-term Care
  11. The Research Manufacturing Pharmaceutical Industry
  12. Drug Distribution
  13. The Consumers of Health Care
  14. The Drug Use Process
  15. Patient Safety and Pharmacovigilance
  16. Provisions of Care to Subpopulations: a Cultural Perspective
  17. Professionalism and Ethics
  18. Health Information Technology: Emerging Challenges for Pharmacy
  19. Unresolved Issues in Pharmacy: Imagining the Future
  20. The Future