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Pension Trends

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Pension Trends provides an overview of the main legislative changes over the last century, which reflect the thinking of successive governments on provision for old age.

Topics covered include:
Population Change
Life Expectancy and Healthy Ageing
Labour Market and Retirement
State Pension
Private Pension
Pension Contributions
Saving for Retirement

Pension Trends 2013
Pension Trends 2013

Pension Trends draws together statistics from ONS, a number of government departments and other organisations to highlight the complex issues that shape trends in pension provision in the UK. 
Office for National Statistics (ONS)
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Dandy Booksellers Ltd
Publication Date
9 September 2014
309 pages
210 x 297 mm
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0.8 kg
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  1. Pension legislation: an overview
  2. Population change
  3. Life expectancy and healthy ageing
  4. The labour market and retirement
  5. State pensions
  6. Private Pensions
  7. Private Pension Scheme Membership
  8. Pension Contributions
  9. Pension Scheme Funding and Investment
  10. Saving for Retirement
  11. Pensioner Income and Expenditure
  12. Household Pension Resources
  13. Inequalities and Poverty in Retirement
  14. Pensions and the National Accounts

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