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Origin-destination Statistics on Migration

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Census 2011: Origin-destination Statistics on Migration for Local Authorities in the United Kingdom

Census 2011: Origin-destination Statistics on Migration for Local Authorities in the United Kingdom

Includes data CD-ROM

This publication analyses internal and international migration patterns for the usually resident population of the UK, based on data for address one year prior to the 2011 Censuses of England and Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. Analyses are by age, sex and geography at national and local levels.

Key points
  • Of the total UK!! population in 2011 (63.2 million), 7.5 million (12%) had a different address one year previously.
  • 6.8 million (11%) had a previous address within the UK, and 687,200 (1%) had a previous address outside the UK.
  • The majority (59% or 4.0 million) of those who had moved within the UK had moved within the same local authority (or equivalent) in the previous year.
  • The majority (71%) of those with a different address a year prior to the 2011 Census were aged 16 to 49.
  • Oxford (12%), Brighton and Hove (11%) and Southampton (11%) had the highest proportions of moves within the same local authority.
  • City of London/Westminster (6%) and Kensington and Chelsea (5%) had the highest proportions of moves from outside the UK.
Office for National Statistics (ONS)
Published by
Dandy Booksellers Ltd
Publication Date
9 February 2015
21 pages
A4 (210 x 297 mm)
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0.15 kg
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