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IT Change Management: A Practitioner's Guide

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IT Change Management: A Practitioner's Guide (PDF download)
IT Change Management: A Practitioner's Guide (PDF download)

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This new title is essential reading for anyone wishing to understand how IT change management can be implemented and put into practice within the workplace. It bridges the gap between best practice training and the realities faced in real world implementation. The roles of people involved, the challenges they will face and how to overcome those challenges are discussed in detail. This practical guidance focuses on business value and outcomes above process, and will ensure practitioners can effectively manage IT changes in the context of their organization, regardless of the frameworks chosen.

Learn how to:
  • Effectively manage IT changes
  • Solve real world challenges of implementing IT change management
  • Focus on outcomes and business value rather than process
  • Adopt and adapt change management principles to your needs
  • Gain (and maintain) organizational support process
  • Address cultural concerns (through organizational change management)

Greg Sanker has years of experience in change management and summarizes his insights in this practitioner's guide. It will answer the question, 'How do I actually do it?' His goal is to help you be successful in your organization. 
Greg Sanker
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TSO (The Stationery Office)
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21 September 2017
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