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Dorema U-Tabs for RID/ADR 2023

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Dorema U-tabs for ADR/RID 2023

Dorema U-tabs for ADR/RID 2023

The U-tabs from Dorema make it easy to find your way around the new ADR 2023. These bespoke divider tabs clearly mark the various parts of the regulations, greatly improving the usability of your ADR 2023.

Anyone who has used the ADR knows the regulations are printed in huge volumes and finding a section quickly, particularly in an exam setting, is of extreme importance. These simple plastic divider tabs are designed to make life easier for anyone who needs to locate the information they need efficiently.

These Dorema U-tabs are suitable for use in both the ADR 2023 and the RID 2023. We also sell U-Tabs for the IMDG. 
Published by
Publication Date
September 2022
ADR/RID 2023
Approx Weight
0.15 kg
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