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Detailed Characteristics for Local Authorities

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Detailed Characteristics for Local Authorities in England and Wales

Detailed Characteristics for Local Authorities in England and Wales

May 2013

  • White: Irish was the oldest ethnic group, with a median age of 53, compared to the national median of 39. People in the White: British ethnic group had a median age of 42.
  • People in mixed ethnic groups had the lowest median ages, with the Mixed: White and Black African having a median age of 16.
  • People with a White: British, White: Gypsy or Irish Traveller or Mixed ethnic group were more likely to record a UK country specific (such as English or Welsh) national identity, whereas other ethnic groups were more likely to record their national identity as "British".
  • The White: other and White: Irish had the lowest proportion within their ethnic group associating with any of the UK national identities — 22 per cent and 39 per cent respectively.
  • Almost half (46 per cent, 3.4 million) of those born outside the UK held a UK passport in 2011.
  • Of the population who did not speak English as a first language, those in the younger age groups were most likely to speak English well, with 93 per cent (154,000) of 10-14 year olds speaking it well, compared to only 46 per cent of those aged 85 or over.
  • Different religious groups had significantly different age profiles, with Christians having the highest median age (45) and Muslims the lowest (25).
  • 58 per cent (3.3 million) of people providing unpaid care were female and 47 per cent (2.7 million) were aged 45 to 64
Office for National Statistics (ONS)
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12 November 2013
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