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Construction Site Worker Safety Poster Pack

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Construction Site Worker Safety Poster Pack
Construction Site Worker Safety Poster Pack

38.33 (+ VAT)
Save 20% compared to the price of buying these items separately. This new pack delivers great value on these popular posters. Posters are an excellent way to communicate to workers easily, effectively and pictorially.

Included in this pack:
  • Electric Shock Poster
  • Basic First Aid Poster
  • Filtering Face Pieces Poster
  • Construction Work Related Ill Health Poster
  • Is Your Mask Protecting You Poster
  • An Accident at Work can Shatter Lives pack of mirror stickers

Electric Shock Poster
This poster gives basic advice on first-aid procedures if someone has an electric shock at work. It will help employees to understand what to do if an incident should occur. It is aimed at employees working within a number of industries specifically electricity supply, generation, transmission and utilisation, electrical testing and electrical applications.

Basic Advice on First Aid at Work Poster
This poster shows basic first aid procedures, designed to help employees deal with first aid incidents at work. It incorporates recommendations from the European Resuscitation Council on resuscitation and first aid.

Using Filtering Facepieces
an A2 size durable colour poster which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and is 100% biodegradable. The poster:
  • lists a number of recommended pre-use checks
  • 7 diagrams on how to put a filtering facemask on; and
  • how to check that the facemask fits.

Construction: Work-related Ill Health (poster)
Statistics include:
  • work-related ill health and disease
  • workplace injury
  • enforcement of health and safety legislation
  • working days lost as a result of health and safety incidents

Is Your Mask Protecting You?
Employers have a duty to provide the right equipment to help employees work safely. This new format of INDG460 is presented as a graphic poster which can be displayed at sites where masks should be used. The poster can be used as a reminder to employees to wear masks and as a guide to wearing them effectively.

An Accident At Work Can Shatter Your Life (Sticker Pack of 10)
This is a pack of poster stickers which can be displayed in the work environment. It reinforces and personalises the safety message of "Shattered lives".
The clear, see-through poster can ideally be affixed to mirrors to reflect back to the viewer that they will be the one with a 'shattered life'. It can also be used on glass surfaces such as partitions in offices and indoor premises. 
Health and Safety Executive (HSE)
Published by
TSO (The Stationery Office)
Publication Date
9 May 2018
5 x Posters, 1 x Pack of 10 Stickers
Approx Weight
0.75 kg
HS Code