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Community Pharmacy Handbook

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Community Pharmacy Handbook

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Jon Waterfield
Published by
Pharmaceutical Press
Publication Date
February 2008
304 pages
156 x 234 mm

Community Pharmacy Handbook is an essential survival guide for community pharmacists, pharmacy undergraduates and pre-registration graduates. This book provides access to a spectrum of relevant information in an easily digestible form.

With the introduction of the new contractual framework for community pharmacy, there are now many opportunities for pharmacists to engage in new ways of working. This clear and precise book aims to answer practical questions such as:
  • How do I manage my own professional development?
  • What is the best way of training my support staff?
  • How do I motivate the pharmacy team?
  • What are the practical issues in setting up an MUR service?
  • How do I offer a medicines management service to residential care homes?
  • How do I work effectively with the primary care team?
  • How do I promote the value of pharmacy services?

Case studies and exercises in each chapter include structured questions, which encourage the reader to consolidate the information provided and apply their knowledge to a typical community pharmacy scenario. 
  1. Continuing Professional Development
  2. Management Skills in the Pharmacy
  3. Training and Development of the Pharmacy Team
  4. Contractual Framework for Community Pharmacy
  5. Medicines Use Review
  6. Offering Enhanced Services
  7. Supplying Medication
  8. Responding to Symptoms
  9. Multidisciplinary Working

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