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BNF for Children (BNFC)

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BNF for Children (BNFC) 2023-2024

BNF for Children (BNFC) 2023-2024

RRP: £71.00 You save £3.55 (5.0%)
Practical and evidence-based, BNF for Children (BNFC) is the only child-focused drug formulary in the world that is both independent, and has rigorous, accredited content creation processes.

The new edition provides up-to-date guidance on prescribing, dispensing, and administering medicines to children, plus legal and professional guidelines.

Relied on by health professionals who prescribe, dispense, and administer medicines to paediatrics, BNFC supports confident decision-making at the point of care. Including best practice guidelines and advice from a network of paediatric experts. The process is overseen by a paediatric formulary committee.

Published jointly by the British Medical Association, Royal Pharmaceutical Society, the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, and the Neonatal and Paediatric Pharmacists Group. 
Paediatric Formulary Committee
Published by
British Medical Association, Royal Pharmaceutical Society et al
Publication Date
14 September 2023
1352 pages
148 x 210 mm
Approx Weight
0.8 kg
HS Code