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The Official Highway Code for Northern Ireland

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The Official Highway Code for Northern Ireland (Book) (revised 2008 edition)

The Official Highway Code for Northern Ireland (Book) (revised 2008 edition)

Essential reading for all road users in Northern Ireland, this is the ONLY official Highway Code. Keep safe, make sure you're up to date with the latest rules of the road, and avoid penalties and fines by getting your copy.

Seven reasons to buy it:
  • All the rules of the road, including legal requirements
  • Advice on road safety and best practice for ALL road users, including car, van, lorry, bus and tractor drivers, motorcycle, bicycle and horse riders, and pedestrians
  • This book is the source material for many of the theory test questions. Buy it for complete test preparation!
  • Includes advice on motor-vehicle licensing and documentation, vehicle maintenance, first aid on the road, and a safety code for new drivers
  • References to road-traffic legislation and full details of the penalties for motoring offences
  • Emphases courtesy, attitude and awareness
  • Just !!<£2.50 - don't be without it</li>
    The Official Highway Code - for life, not just for learners.  
Department of the Environment (Road Safety Division)
Published by
TSO (The Stationery Office)
Publication Date
30 July 2008
162 pages
112 x 210mm
Approx Weight
0.25 kg
HS Code