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The Official DVSA Guide to Learning to Drive (Book)

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The Official DVSA Guide to Learning to Drive (2019 edition)

The Official DVSA Guide to Learning to Drive (2019 edition)

Want to pass your practical car driving test? The Official DVSA Guide to Learning to Drive tells you what you need to know.

Key features:
  • Updated learner driver record - Learner driver record has been fully updated. You can use it to record all the training you do with your driving instructor
  • Practical test explained - describes the standards required to pass your practical test, including information on independent driving
  • Private practice help - advice for those working with a learner driver and their instructor to get the most out of time between lessons
  • What to expect on the test itself - explains what the examiner is looking for, plus tips from the experts

The aim is to make sure that the learner is capable of driving safely and confidently, without prompting from an instructor, before they take their test.

This new edition also explains in detail the practical tests in England, Scotland and Wales. Includes the manoeuvres that candidates will be asked to carry out, the independent driving part of the test, and the timing of vehicle safety questions (the 'show me', tell me questions) 
Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA)
Published by
TSO (The Stationery Office)
Publication Date
23 October 2019
216 pages
A5 (148 x 210 mm)
Approx Weight
0.25 kg
HS Code