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The MOT Testing Guide Sixth Edition (revised 2017)

The MOT Testing Guide Sixth Edition (revised 2017)

A handbook for Scheme administration

This document is intended to help new and existing Authorised Examiners, Testers and other interested parties comply with the requirements for authorisation by the Secretary of State to conduct statutory tests on certain motor vehicles. The statutory requirements are contained in the Motor Vehicles (Tests) Regulations 1981 as amended. The Guide does not cover the requirements for annual testing of Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) or Public Service Vehicles (PSVs). Neither does the Guide cover the requirements for Type Approval nor Individual Vehicle Approval of certain vehicles before they are first registered in Great Britain.

This guide should be used in conjunction with;
  • the relevant MOT Inspection Manuals which are a detailed guide to the inspection for statutory MOT testing;
  • Special Notices (SNs), these are issued periodically by DVSA to inform those involved with MOT testing about changes and to highlight areas of concern;
  • and other documentation issued by DVSA
Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA)
Published by
Dandy Booksellers Ltd
Publication Date
July 2017
Sixth edition
217 pages
A4 (21o x 297 mm)
Approx Weight
0.6 kg
HS Code

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