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Players' Interaction in International Arbitration
Players' Interaction in International Arbitration

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Players Interaction in International Arbitration develops how Arbitration is a consensual justice. International arbitration, as opposed to state justice, allows to adapt the proceedings to the characteristics of each case taking into account the parties’ mutual expectations and their cultural origins.

Numerous factors however can affect the arbitration procedure. Learn how to prepare effectively for international arbitration cases and find answers to questions like
  • What are the duties different actors of arbitration have towards others?
  • What is the proper balance between arbitrators’ immunity and liability?
  • To which extent is transparency needed?
  • Which means should be implemented to ensure a smooth functioning of the arbitral tribunal?
  • What are the challenges arbitral institutions have to cope with?

Players’ interaction in international arbitration presents means to ensure that arbitration remains a real alternative to state justice, efficient, harmonious and at the same time respectful of the parties’ rights. Written by some of today’s leading experts, this Dossier takes into account the points of view of all 'players' concerned: arbitrators, counsel, corporate lawyers and arbitral institutions. A must-read for anyone involved in international arbitration.

With this publication, the ICC Institute of World Business Law fulfils its dual mission: training and acting as a think-tank for the International Chamber of Commerce particularly in the field of arbitration. The International Chamber of Commerce, the World Business Organization, is the global leader in the development of standards, rules and guidelines for international trade.  
Bernard Hanotiau and Alexis Mourre
Published by
ICC Publishing
Publication Date
1 January 2012
Publisher's Ref
179 pages
Institute Dossier IX
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0.0 kg
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