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Pharmaceutical Calculations Workbook

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Pharmaceutical Calculations Workbook

Pharmaceutical Calculations Workbook

RRP: £27.00 You save £1.35 (5.0%)
Pharmaceutical Calculations Workbook is the companion self-study aid to Introduction to Pharmaceutical Calculations. It contains practice calculations (with answers) similar to those encountered in pharmacy exams and in practice.

Each chapter contains a variety of exercises for practising calculations using the methods covered in the companion text. Tables for completion are included in addition to individual drug- or patient-specific questions.

This workbook will be invaluable to pharmacy students and preregistration pharmacists, as well as others who want to practise basic pharmaceutical calculations. 
Judith A Rees and Ian Smith
Published by
Pharmaceutical Press
Publication Date
November 2005
240 pages
204 x 247 mm
Approx Weight
0.476 kg
HS Code

  1. Calculations involving rational numbers
  2. Calculations involving systems of units
  3. Calculations involving concentrations
  4. Calculations involving dilutions
  5. Calculations involving formulations
  6. Calculations involving doses
  7. Calculations involving density, displacement volumes and displacement values
  8. Calculations involving molecular weights
  9. Calculations involving parenteral solutions