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PSA Schedule of Rates for Electrical Services

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PSA Schedule of Rates for Electrical Services, Seventh Edition (PDF) PSA Schedule of Rates for Electrical Services, Seventh Edition (PDF) is in stock now

PSA Schedule of Rates for Electrical Services, Seventh Edition (PDF)

This is the Seventh Edition of the PSA Schedule of Rates for Electrical Services, containing over 20,000 priced items and aimed at Measured Term Contract procurement. It is the definitive guide for estimating, tendering and contracting work in the construction industry.

The PSA Schedule of Rates is an invaluable tool for benchmarking and ensuring that planned construction agreements are operated as cost effectively as possible.

The Seventh Edition rates are complemented with specifications of the product, definition of terms where appropriate, any relevant notes and the method of measurement; in this edition new British and European standards are also featured.

Key features
  • Approximately 20,000 rates for both materials and labour
  • British and European standards included
  • Can be used in Measured Term Contracts

Types of Electrical Work covered:
    Electricity generation
  • Uninterruptable power supply
  • Telecommunications
  • Radio/TV/CCTV
  • Security & fire detection and alarm
  • Lighting protection
  • HV/LV cables and wiring
  • Luminaires and lamps
  • Aviation ground lighting
  • HV & LV supply/distribution/public utility
  • Emergency lighting
  • Public address/sound/amplification
  • Data transmission
  • Earthing and bonding
  • Conduit and trunking
  • Busbar trunking system
  • Testing and commissioning of electrical services
Publication Date
26 January 2017
Seventh edition
4.4 Mb
Approx Weight
0.0 kg
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