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Maritime Security Handbook: Coping with Piracy

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Maritime Security Handbook: Coping with Piracy

Maritime Security Handbook: Coping with Piracy

The first handbook in The Nautical Institute's maritime security suite complements the author's 2012 book Maritime Security: a practical guide. It takes the same practical approach to preparation and training before entering a high risk area, self-protection measures while within it and survival strategies if taken hostage.

The focus of the handbook is the people who have to cope with piracy and the comprehensive approach that is needed to put them first both onboard and ashore. This includes guidance on the effective implementation of the industry's Best Management Practices, the onboard implications of taking on armed guards, building a disciplined and supportive onboard team and ensuring immediate action ashore should the worst happen. 
Steven Jones
Published by
Nautical Institute
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93 pages
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0.6 kg
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