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Tanker Safety Guide (Liquefied Gas)
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Tanker Safety Guide (Liquefied Gas)

The Tanker Safety Guide (Liquefied Gas), fourth edition, is the definitive industry guide to support gas carrier operators conduct safe and efficient operations. This comprehensive guide, a carriage requirement under the national regulations of many flag States, has been fully updated to align with the latest edition of the International Safety Guide for Oil Tankers and Terminals (ISGOTT 6).

All content included in this latest edition has been developed and reviewed by senior industry experts with direct experience in the field and has been presented in a user-friendly and modernised format, with a significant upgrade in the visual representation of technical information, including infographics and flow diagrams.

New in this edition of the guide:
  • Alignment of the ship/shore safety checklists with ISGOTT 6.
  • Emphasis on simplifying the human element processes on board to reduce the chance of root cause accidents attributed to human element.
  • New elements on bunkering and simultaneous operations.
  • Expanded guidance on rollover, enclosed spaces and mooring.
  • Updated section on reliquification to incorporate new technologies.
  • Useful and relevant annexes pulled into the main body of the guide for easy reference.

Tanker Safety Guide (Liquefied Gas), fourth edition, has been written for:
  • On board deck and technical officers.
  • Those training or providing training in liquefied gas transportation.
  • Anyone engaged in the transportation of liquefied gas by sea.

International Chamber of Shipping
Published by
Publication Date
October 2023
4th edition
Loose Leaf with Binder
A4 (210 x 297 mm)
Approx Weight
1.55 kg
HS Code