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Safe Transport of Containers by Sea
Safe Transport of Containers by Sea

The ICS/WSC Guidelines reflect the good practices already undertaken by the majority of responsible companies, but they have been consolidated to provide a useful resource that should benefit all concerned with the safe transport of containers. In addition to addressing the responsibilities of ship operators and their crews, the Guide is aimed at those concerned with the booking and assignment of cargoes, and arrangements for stowage planning, as well as freight forwarders, ports and terminal operators and – particularly important – shippers. The intention is to provide advice on all those activities that have a direct bearing on the safety of ships and their cargoes, and the reduction of the risks to the lives of ships' crews and other personnel in the transport chain.

To provide additional value and utility, the book is accompanied with a CD version with a search function.

Particular emphasis is given to:
  • International regulations
  • Correct packing, labelling and weighing of cargoes (including dangerous goods) when they are stuffed into containers
  • Safe handling and stowage of containers when loaded on board a ship
  • Planning and the use of computer systems
  • Maintenance and inspection
ICS and World Shipping Council
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January 2008
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