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Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit for Shipping Pre-Order Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit for ShippingFree UK delivery on Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit for Shipping

Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit for Shipping

The ICS Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit for Shipping has been developed to create awareness and inspire change in the strategies, policies and practices that will enable the maritime industry to meet the needs of the diverse seafarer community. It provides descriptions and definitions; provides ways to assess the current needs of diverse communities and identify gaps in services, policies and practice; and makes suggestions on how to fill these gaps.

The toolkit will help companies:
  • Enhance existing diversity assessments and increase awareness of diversity issues and needs;
  • Embed the principle of diversity throughout their service and influence strategic planning at all levels;
  • Develop good practice;
  • Meet legislative requirements;
  • Assess current performance, to identify any barriers preventing progress and to provide advice and guidance on how to overcome these; and
  • Enhance monitoring and data collection mechanisms to highlight the needs of different communities
International Chamber of Shipping
Published by
Publication Date
January 2023
Approx Weight
1.0 kg
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