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Human Performance and Limitation for Mariners

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Human Performance and Limitation for Mariners
Human Performance and Limitation for Mariners

A system of examinations for aviation pilots in human performance and limitation has produced great advances in safety for that sector. This book introduces the concept to seafarers so that they can understand their own limitations and make the best use of their physical and mental abilities in the challenging shipboard environment.

Those who are responsible for the design, management and operation of ships and their systems must also take account of seafarers’ capabilities, skills, limitations and needs. This book looks at the realities of living and working onboard and explains how recognising human limitations can improve performance, safety and job satisfaction.

Practical guidance is given on how the mind works; fatigue, workload and stress; building competency and confidence; and cultural understanding. For those at sea and for owners and managers ashore it makes sense that seafarers are enabled to follow a healthy way of life and are educated to do so. 
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