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Healthcare Communication

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Healthcare Communication
Healthcare Communication

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Healthcare Communication is an interactive and engaging guide to establishing professional, practical and rewarding relationships which will support therapy and enhance patient health, safety and morale.

It offers a challenging vision for excellent healthcare delivery. An important part of a healthcare professional's job is to communicate successfully with their patients.

This text provides:
  • in-depth analysis and discussion allowing readers to gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of a range of relationships and communications
  • examples and suggestions of how and what to do in healthcare relationships to handle patient and other relationships effectively
  • tips for managing difficult people, establishing effective teams and running productive meetings
  • discussion topics, exercises and a range of observational projects
  • entertaining illustrations and quotations

Healthcare Communication will be of interest to everyone working in healthcare, especially doctors, nurses and pharmacists in training and in practice and will have relevance to all roles, medical and non-medical. 
Bruce Hugman
Published by
Pharmaceutical Press
Publication Date
April 2009
320 pages
189 x 246 mm
Approx Weight
0.7 kg
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  1. Introduction
  2. Signposts for the Journey Through This Book
  3. The Basic Framework for Working with Patients
  4. What Is Effective Communication?
  5. Why Do We Communicate?
  6. Communications at the Heart of Healthcare
  7. Vision at the Heart of Healthcare
  8. Ethics in Healthcare Communication
  9. Secret Life: What Drives Us in Communications
  10. Beyond Words: the Power of Non-verbal Communications
  11. Core Concepts and Skills
  12. Special Communication Needs and Processes
  13. The Diversity of Patients: Disturbances and Dysfunctions
  14. Communication and the Richness of Cultural and Ethnic Diversity
  15. The Whole Team and the Whole Patient
  16. When Time and Resources Are Limited
  17. Patient Safety
  18. Informed Consent
  19. Risk Communication
  20. Sex and Sexual Orientation
  21. Dying and Death
  22. Effective Written and Spoken Communication
  23. Complaints, Apologies and Public Relations
  24. Notes on Media Relations
  25. Notes on Managing Meetings
  26. The Challenges of Teaching