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Handbook of Transfusion Medicine

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Handbook of Transfusion Medicine  5th Edition
Handbook of Transfusion Medicine – 5th Edition

Summarising current knowledge and best clinical practice, this authoritative guide helps staff working in the transfusion chain to give the right blood to the right patient, at the right time.

Chapters include:
  • Transfusion ten commandments
  • Basics of blood groups and antibodies
  • Providing safe blood
  • Safe transfusion — right blood, right patient, right time and right place
  • Adverse effects of transfusion
  • Alternatives and adjuncts to blood transfusion
  • Effective transfusion in surgery and critical care
  • Effective transfusion in medical patients
  • Effective transfusion in obstetric practice
  • Effect transfusion in paediatric practice
  • Therapeutic apheresis
  • Management of patients who do not accept transfusion.

United Kingdom Blood Services
Published by
TSO (The Stationery Office)
Publication Date
6 December 2013
5th Edition