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Family Food 2020/21 Family Food 2020/21 is in stock now
Family Food 2020/21
and Food Statistics Pocketbook 2021 plus CD-ROM of data

Family Food 2020/21 presents the results from the 2020/21 Family Food module of the Living Costs and Food Survey, covering household shopping and eating habits. Around 5,000 households in the UK are surveyed annually. Households record their expenditure on, and purchased quantities of, food and drink both for the household and that consumed outside the home. Family Food datasets cover household and eating out purchases for a detailed set of food and drink types, and breakdowns by a number of characteristics including region, income, household composition and occupation, amongst others.

The latest results cover the financial year 2020/21, in line with Family Spending, the ONS parent survey for Family Food, which switched to financial year reporting for 2015/16 onwards. Comparisons between financial year estimates and previous calendar year ones are valid since both cover a full year of shopping activity. Generally Family Food exposes long term trends in consumer behaviour and year on year differences are not especially relevant.

Results presented in this headline release cover the financial year ending (FYE) 2021, that is, April 2020 to March 2021.

Following government guidance in relation to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, a pause in data collection led to interviews being conducted for 13 fewer days than planned in March 2020. Final March interviews took place on Monday 16 March 2020. All households that were not interviewed as a result were treated as non-responders and data were weighted to account for reduced data collection in March 2020 compared with previous years. 
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
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4 April 2023
64 pages plus CD-ROM
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