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Blackstone's Preparing for Police Duty

Blackstone's Preparing for Police Duty

RRP: £23.99 You save £1.20 (5.0%)
This is a fully revised fourth edition of the successful Blackstone's Preparing for Police Duty, the invaluable introduction to the police service for new recruits or those considering a policing career.

This highly practical guide informs those interested in a career in the police about the general culture of the policing world; the extended police family, dress-code, badges, shift patterns, equipment and basic information on police powers in relation to the most common crimes.

The new edition offers an easy-to-understand outline of the criminal justice system and a summary of the criminal law, and has been fully updated to include the latest changes in the recruitment and entry procedures, as well as new content on policing terrorism, public protest, and neighbourhood policing.

Written by an experienced serving police officer, Blackstone's Preparing for Police Duty is an accessible, motivational and informative guide for anyone considering a career in the police service, those on foundation and policing degree courses, and anyone who has recently secured a place as a student officer.  
Richard Butterworth and Fraser Sampson
Published by
Oxford University Press
Publication Date
7 October 2010
Fourth edition
176 pages
138 x 216 mm
Approx Weight
0.35 kg
HS Code

Part I: The Police
  1. In the Office of Constable
  2. History and Structure of Policing
  3. The Tripartite Structure
  4. Force Structure and Organisation
  5. The Police Family
Part II: The Job
  1. A Police Officer's Job
  2. Reality Check
Part III: Recruiting and Training
  1. The Selection Process
  2. Initial Training
Part IV: Policing Powers
  1. Human Rights and Police Powers
  2. Powers of Arrest
  3. Stop and Search
  4. Law and Order
  5. A Quick Lesson in Crime
  6. Law and Order: A Closer Look
  1. Glossary of Police Terms
  2. The Phonetic Alphabet