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Blackstone's Practical Policing: Leadership Skills in Policing
Blackstone's Practical Policing: Leadership Skills in Policing

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Blackstone's Practical Policing: Leadership Skills in Policing examines the qualities that make up a good leader, providing a variety of examples of good leadership approaches in various policing contexts. Police organisations are increasingly recognising the role of leadership at every level of the police hierarchy; with police officers involving themselves with partnership work, attending and facilitating public meetings and heading neighbourhood policing teams, as well as their more traditional police work.

The book aims to enhance leadership skills in policing and ensure officers carry out their duties as effectively as possible. It outlines the theory and concepts of leadership and applies them to police management structures, offering advice on a wide range of issues. These issues include leading teams, motivating others, dealing with disputes, problem-solving, participating in meetings and ethical leadership.

All explanations are supported by exercises, examples of both good and bad leadership approaches, flow charts, useful websites and suggested further reading. The first practical guide to tackle leadership aimed at uniformed officers, this title is an essential purchase for anyone within the police service who has responsibility for leading at the front line of the police service. 
Colin Rogers
Published by
Oxford University Press
Publication Date
14 August 2008
298 pages
156 x 234 mm
Blackstone's Practical Policing
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0.45 kg
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  1. Introduction to Leadership
  2. Management Structures within the Police Service
  3. Leading in Times of Change
  4. Leading from the front
  5. Ethical Leadership
  6. Meetings
  7. Communication Skills for Leaders
  8. Motivating Staff
  9. Dealing with Staff Issues
  10. Leadership in Policing Teams
  11. Leading Operations