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Blackstone's Practical Policing: Policing a Diverse Society

Blackstone's Practical Policing: Policing a Diverse Society

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Blackstone's Practical Policing: Policing a Diverse Society is a practical resource covering all the major issues associated with policing diversity. Policing in the UK is essentially about policing diversity; diversity issues affect every aspect of the police officer's role and are key to the successful training of police officers. Whilst taking due account of the theoretical perspectives on policing diversity, Policing a Diverse Society supports and encourages the development of the relevant practical skills required to respond to diversity effectively.

This guide takes into account the wide range of diversity issues that police officers will need to address in their work. The text has been completely revised to incorporate a number of important developments that have occurred since the first edition was written, such as: recent developments of the newly established combined body, the Commission for Equality and Human Rights; the July 7th Report; the Copenhagen cartoons and the Jean Charles de-Menezes investigation.

The second edition of Blackstone's Practical Policing: Policing a Diverse Society also boasts an additional chapter dealing with the six diversity strands that form the focus of police training (race, gender, age, faith, sexuality and disability). 
Phil Clements
Published by
Oxford University Press
Publication Date
7 February 2008
Second edition
256 pages
156 x 234 mm
Blackstone's Practical Policing
Approx Weight
0.4 kg
HS Code

  1. Introducing Diversity
  2. Key Concepts in Relation to Diversity and Fairness
  3. Diversity — The Business, Ethical, and Legal Case
  4. International Comparisons
  5. Diversity Developments
  6. Diversity and the Idea of Community
  7. Responding to Diversity-Strategy, Policy, and Leadership
  8. Key Concepts
  9. Diversity — Hard Issues
  10. Responding to Diversity — Training and Education
  11. Diversity and the Impact of Terrorism