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Blackstone's Handbook of Cyber Crime Investigation

Blackstone's Handbook of Cyber Crime Investigation

RRP: £37.99 You save £1.90 (5.0%)
This authoritative Handbook provides a clear and detailed introduction to cyber crime, offering you an effective operational guide to the complexities and challenges of investigating cyber-related crimes.

Written by a team of cyber crime experts, this unique book provides all police practitioners and partners with an operational reference and resource addressing all manner of cyber crime threats, including online anti-social behaviour, hate crime, organised cyber crime, fraud, online child exploitation, and cyber terrorism and the terrorist use of the internet. Presented in three main parts, Part 1 offers an overview of the different types of cyber crime along with explanations of the national structures and strategies in place to combat them, as well as case studies and scenarios. Part 2 offers practical guidance on the different categories of cyber crime and features contributions from organizations such as the National Crime Agency, and Part 3 covers the key legislation, police powers and points to prove relevant to each key category of offending and is written by the Police National Legal Database. All sections in Part 3 are accompanied by explanatory notes and related case law, ensuring quick and clear translation of cyber crime powers and provisions. 
Andrew Staniforth and Police National Legal Database (PNLD)
Published by
Oxford University Press
Publication Date
30 March 2017
512 pages
100 x 180 mm
Approx Weight
0.41 kg
HS Code

Part I: Cyber Policing
1: Cyber Threats
2: Cyber Strategy
3: Policing Cyber Crime
Part II: Investigating Cyber Crimes
4: Cyber Hate Crime
5: Organized Cyber Crime
6: Cyber Fraud
7: Child Exploitation and Online Protection
8: Cyber Terrorism
Part III: Cyber Law
9: Cyber Hate Crime - Law
10: Organized Cyber Crime - Law
11: Cyber Fraud - Law
12: Child Protection - Law
13: Cyber Terrorism - Law
Part IV: Future Challenges
14: Security in a Digital Age
15: Cyber Collaboration