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Tolley's Tax Guide

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Tolley's Tax Guide 2014-15

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Tolley's Tax Guide 2014-15

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Claire Hayes, Ruth Newman, Francesca Lagerberg
Published by
LexisNexis UK
Publication Date
29 August 2014

Officially the 'Nation's Favourite Tax Book' according to AccountingWeb. This one-stop reference work is written by experts in clear, concise English. Its logical structure and comprehensive analysis of the latest legislation makes it the premier choice for the successful tax practitioner.

Released in one convenient volume, it includes helpful worked examples, tax points and clear tables. The book's 45 chapters are divided into clear sections, including employment, pensions, trading, family, trusts, estates and more. 
  1. Introduction
  2. Income tax and tax credits: general principles
  3. Corporation tax: general principles
  4. Capital gains tax: general principles
  5. Inheritance tax: general principles
  6. Stamp taxes
  7. Value added tax: general principles
  8. Council tax and business rates
  9. Dealing with the Revenue
  10. Employments — income chargeable and allowable deductions
  11. Employee share options and awards
  12. Directors of small and family companies
  13. National insurance contributions — employees and employers
  14. Statutory sick pay and statutory maternity etc pay
  15. Golden handcuffs and golden handshakes
  16. Occupational pension schemes
  17. Personal pension schemes
  18. Sole trader, partnership or company?
  19. Starting up a new small or parttime business
  20. How are business profits calculated?
  21. How are business profits charged to tax?
  22. Capital allowances
  23. Partnerships
  24. National insurance contributions for the selfemployed
  25. Losses of sole traders and partners
  26. Company losses
  27. Transfer of business to limited company
  28. Selling the family company
  29. Encouraging business investment, enterprise and efficiency
  30. Your family home
  31. A country life: farms and woodlands
  32. Investing in land and buildings
  33. Family matters
  34. Especially for the senior citizen
  35. Making a will and postdeath planning
  36. Tax on your investments
  37. Investing in banks and building societies
  38. Investing in stocks and shares
  39. Chattels and valuables
  40. Sensible use of life insurance
  41. The overseas element
  42. Trusts and estates
  43. Charities and charitable trusts
  44. Subcontractors in the construction industry
  45. Main antiavoidance provisions

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