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Sampson’s Textbook of Radiopharmacy, 4th edition

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Sampsons Textbook of Radiopharmacy

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Sampsons Textbook of Radiopharmacy

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Tony Theobald
Published by
Pharmaceutical Press
Publication Date
December 2010
Fourth edition
744 pages
189 x 246 mm

As the demand for radiopharmacists continues to increase, Sampson's Textbook of Radiopharmacy meets the need for specialised information on the use of radiopharmaceuticals in the detection and treatment of diseases and conditions.

The fourth edition of this well-established book has been completely revised and updated to reflect developments in the science and practice of radiopharmacy.

The book is divided into the following six sections:
  • physics applied to radiopharmacy
  • medicinal radio-elements
  • radiopharmacology and radiopharmacokinetics
  • radiopharmaceutics: formulation, preparation and quality assurance
  • radiopharmacy practice
  • new techniques for design and testing of radiopharmaceuticals.

Sampson's Textbook of Radiopharmacy is supported by the UK Radiopharmacy Group and includes contributions from experts worldwide. It is the only up-to-date reference that covers the regulation of radiopharmacy practice in the UK, the USA and Europe.

This book is essential reading for advanced students specialising in radiopharmacy and will serve as a lifelong reference for radiopharmacists practising in PET (Positron Emission Tomography) centres, nuclear medicine centres and radiopharmacies, as well as those working in research or the pharmaceutical industry. 
  1. What Is Radiopharmacy?
  2. Nuclear Structure and Radioactivity
  3. Radiation Protection
  4. Detection of Radiation
  5. Physics Applied to Radiopharmacy - Imaging Instruments for Nuclear Medicine
  6. Production of Radionuclides
  7. Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry - Basic Concepts
  8. Fundamentals of Technetium and Rhenium Chemistry
  9. Trivalent metals and thallium
  10. Radiohalogenation
  11. Radiolabeling Approaches with Fluorine-18
  12. Carbon-11
  13. Other Radioelements
  14. Radiolabelling of Biomolecules
  15. Radiopharmacokinetics
  16. Receptors and Transporters
  17. Radiation Dosimetry for Targeted Radionuclide Therapy
  18. Survey of Current Diagnostic Radiopharmaceuticals
  19. Survey of Current Therapeutic Radiopharmaceuticals
  20. Formulation of Radiopharmaceuticals
  21. Principles and Operation of Radionuclide Generators
  22. Quality Assurance Requirements
  23. Quality Control Methods for Radiopharmaceuticals
  24. Radiolabelling of Blood Cells - Theory and Practice
  25. Particulate Radiopharmaceuticals
  26. Design and Operation of Radiopharmacy Facilities
  27. Regulation of Radiopharmacy Practice in Europe
  28. Regulation of Radiopharmacy Practice in the United Kingdom
  29. Regulation of Nuclear Pharmacy Practice in the United States
  30. Packaging and Transport of Radiopharmaceuticals
  31. Patient Safety and Dispensing of Radiopharmaceuticals
  32. The Effect of Patient Medication
  33. Use of Drugs to Enhance Nuclear Medicine Studies
  34. Molecular Biology Techniques in Radiopharmaceutical Development
  35. Chemical Characterisation of Radiopharmaceuticals
  36. Evaluation of Radiopharmaceuticals Using Cell Culture Models
  37. Animal Models: Preclinical Molecular Imaging, Why and How?

Online Shop | Pharmaceutical Press | Hospital Pharmacy |  Sampson’s Textbook of Radiopharmacy, 4th edition

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