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Civil Service Yearbook
The new Civil Service Yearbook 50th Edition - Available now.
Civil Service Yearbook 50th Edition available now
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IMDG Code 2012 Edition
The new IMDG Code is in stock now.
IMDG Code 2012 available now
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Health and Safety Law Poster (A3 Version)

Health and Safety Law Poster (A3 Version)

From £16.80 to £10.80

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The Army List 2012

European Pharmacopoeia 8th Edition Book Subscription 2013 (8.0, 8.1 and 8.2)

British Pharmacopoeia 2014

Civil Service Yearbook 50th Edition 2013/14

European Pharmacopoeia 8th Edition Online Subscription 2014 (up to 8.2) - Bilingual

Recover paper safely

Safety in motor vehicle repair

Safe working with LPG-fuelled motor vehicles

Manual handling assessment charts (the MAC tool)

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Printing Services
Printing Services
Using the latest digital print technology there are no limits to our production capabilities.

With Print on demand single copies of titles are reproduced from digital files stored locally.
It enables us to make available web only titles where hard copies are still needed, often at short notice.

Print Speed 210ppm (A4), 106ppm (A3)
Printing Resolution 1200 dpi x 1200 dpi

Colour and Mono available
Print On Demand Books
Print On Demand Books
With a license to reproduce Crown copyright material Dandy Booksellers have been providing print on demand services to their clients for a number of years.

Print on demand (POD) can be the perfect solution.

Main advantages:
  • Reduces waste, making it a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution
  • Removes storage costs
  • Guarantee permanent availability.
Perfect Binding Print On Demand Books
Perfect Binding Print On Demand Books
Perfect binding is where a flexible adhesive attaches a paper cover to the spine of the assembled pages. Paperback novels are perhaps the most well known examples of this kind of glued perfect binding.

With our own in-house binding machinery we can bind digitally printed documents with either hardback or paperback covers.
More printing details
More printing details
Digital print makes it possible to produce even lower quantities at affordable prices and it’s also a breeze to update existing documents or print new versions whenever you need them.

Designed to cope with your toughest schedules, our printers can print at a super-quick 210 pages per minute and are complimented with a range of finishing options to suit your needs.

  • Booklets (Up to 60 pages colour or 80 pages black and white)
  • Strip Bound Documents
  • Comb Bound Documents
  • Perfect Bound Books; either paperback or hardbacks
Colour Print On Demand
Case Studies
Case Studies
Case Study 1:
A Local company wanted manuals printed for a course they were running. They emailed us a copy and within the hour we printed the contents and bound them with personalised covers which each had the attendees name on the front. It was a small touch which the client was very happy with.

Case Study 2:
Dandy offer a print on demand service for all Crown Copyright Material. When the government withdrew public library subsidy on printed legislation Dandy continue to save libraries money by printing these on demand at 50% of the publisher’s price. We offer a print on demand service which extends to Scottish and UK Statutory Instruments and Acts of Parliament.
Print Details
Print Details
What can we print?

Books and Documents including:

  • Business Stationery Printing
  • Brochure Printing
  • Price List Printing
  • Leaflet Printing
  • Newsletter Printing
  • Tender Printing
  • Booklet Printing
  • Invitation Printing
  • Manual Printing
  • Flyer Printing

Booklet Printing
Booklet Printing
Up to 20 Sheets (80 pages) can be produced as stapled booklets with or without card covers.

Alternatively documents can simply be automatically stapled in any corner or double stapled along the edge with a stapling capacity of 100 A4 sheets or 50 sheets of A3 for black and white print.

Strip Binding
Strip Binding
Binds from 3 to 350 sheets up to 37.8cm in spine length . Covers are two separate pieces, front and back. We can supply front covers with cut-out windows if required.
Comb Binding
Comb Binding
A popular cost-effective alternative available for documents up to 200 pages. This kind of binding allows the document to be laid open flat without damaging the spine. Clear acrylic covers can be added to help protect your document.

Additional services include:

Digital inputting and Scanning
Storage, Distribution and Mailing Services
Storage, Distribution and Mailing Services

Whether you are an author/self-publisher or an established publisher looking for a new distributor we believe we can help.

As part of our storage and distribution services we can:

  • Store your publication(s) in a clean secure environment.
  • Promote your title(s) to an established client base, including details in our regular email alerts
  • Offer your book(s) for sale via our website so they can be viewed and bought 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Offer worldwide shipping to fulfill orders in every corner of the globe.
  • Link your product online to other related titles to increase sales
  • Suggest Special Offer or Marketing strategies
  • Offer telephone customer services to take phone orders Monday to Friday during office hours
  • Send you management reports as required detailing sales, stock levels etc
  • Provide you with an account manager as a point of contact
We understand many clients work to tight schedules and we never fail to impress.

We often receive large mailing jobs that need to be completed within hours of receipt of data. We offer our customers Royal Mail PPI rates which ensure they receive the best value.
Find out more
Find out more

To find out more please call Donna Ravenhill
Telephone Number 0207 624 2993
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IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) 55th Edition 2014 (Regular Bound)

Civil Service Yearbook 50th Edition 2013/14

Health and Safety Law Poster (A3 Version)

Health and Safety Law Poster (A3 Version)

From £16.80 to £10.80

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HSE Approved Codes of Practice - Six Pack (6 Pack) Pack of 6 Books

Hardmans Tax Rates & Tables 2013-14 (2nd Edition)

IMDG Code 2012 Edition (inc. Amdt 36-12) Book (2 Vols)

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