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<span style='font-family: Times New Roman;'>ADR 2011 Feature: Transport Engineer March 2011</span>

ADR 2011 Feature: Transport Engineer March 2011

Some instructions in the new ADR 2011 require changes to be made in vehicle marking and operation.

This article from The Transport Engineer Magazine (March 2011 Issue) outlines these requirements including the update to the Limited Quantities (LQ) dry weight marking system.

The article by Dave Young also covers changes to ADR training and is well worth a read to keep up to date with the main changes.

You can read the full PDF version of the article here:

ADR Marks of Approval article

<span style='font-family: Times New Roman;'>Freight Magazine Dangerous Goods Advert</span>

Freight Magazine Dangerous Goods Advert

Our advert in the FTA's 'Freight' magazine was a great success.

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Major changes to Carriage of Dangerous Goods Regulations by Road, Sea and Air and Rail.

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ADR 2011 The European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (commonly known as the ADR)

This European agreement aims at increasing the safety of the international transport of dangerous goods by road.

What's New?

This new version contains fully updated requirements to all parts, including:

Part 1: new provisions and the introduction of new entries in the list of high consequence dangerous goods.

Part 2: new provisions for the classification of environmentally hazardous substances.

Part 3: new UN entries for fuel cell cartridges containing corrosive substances, liquefied flammable gas, water reactive substances and hydrogen in metal hydride.

Part 4: new requirements for the use of Mobile Explosives Manufacturing Units (MEMUs).

Part 5: revised marking provisions for environmentally hazardous substances.

Part 6: full revision of Chapter 6.2 (pressure receptacles).

Part 7: changes to the general provisions concerning loading, unloading and handling.

Parts 8 and 9: revised provisions concerning the restrictions for the passage of vehicles through road tunnels.

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IMDG Code 2010/2011 The International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code

IMDG Code 2010/2011 The International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code
The IMDG code lays down detailed recommendations for individual substances, materials and articles which are to be transported by Sea. It outlines good operational practice, including advice on terminology, packing, labelling, stowage, segregation, handling and emergency response action.

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<span style='font-family: Times New Roman;'>IMDG Code Now In Stock</span>

IMDG Code Now In Stock

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More details about the IMDG Code here


AIR SHIPPER, 2011 Manauals now available

A.I.R. Shipper™ is the first shipper-friendly publication recognized by ICAO. This internationally-recognized publication helps you comply with international air regulations for shipments of dangerous goods. It combines international dangerous goods air regulations with related national requirements, so you have all the information you need to ship air freight safely in one resource. A.I.R. Shipper™ will assist in complying with the ICAO dangerous goods regulations.

<span style='font-family: Times New Roman;'>Ship It Right With A.I.R. Shipper</span>

Ship It Right With A.I.R. Shipper™

ICAO reviews every edition of the A.I.R. Shipper™ manual. Some other manuals are not reviewed and simply suggest that they participate in ICAO regulations development.

A.I.R. Shipper™ explicitly identifies any airline specific requirements both in the text and margin notes.

Available as either Spiral Bound, Regular Bound or USB 'RegStick'


RID 2011 - Regulations Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Rail\n

RID is the part of the intergovernmental Convention concerning the International Carriage by Rail (COTIF*) and Appendix C which is the Regulation concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Rail (RID). COTIF concerns the movement of passengers and goods by rail across national borders.

What's New:

Among the amendments specific to rail transport, the main ones concern the simplification of the marking provisions in piggyback transport, the legal revision of the provisions on the carriage of dangerous goods as hand luggage and registered luggage and the introduction of instructions in writing for locomotive drivers based on the dangerous goods provisions for road transport (ADR).

Date Published: December 2011

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Armed Forces Discount available on all Dangerous Goods Titles

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